Eileen Davies


BIFA-nominated for her performance in Sightseers, Eileen has had a very successful career.

She is currently working on numerous productions.



“…most memorable is Eileen Davies…”- Adult Life SkillsEMPIRE

“Ably supported by…the superb Eileen Davies…”- Adult Life SkillsFlickering Myth

“…a very moving appearance by Eileen Davies.”- Adult Life SkillsOnScreen

“The rest of the cast, particularly Eileen Davies… are equally believable and unforced.”- Adult Life Skills, The Upcoming

“Tunnard’s script examines different grief systems and puts them in conflict, particularly between Anna and her mother in a battle that is hysterically mediated by Anna’s grandmother (Eileen Davies).”- Adult Life Skills, MXDWN

“Bobble hats off…to Eileen Davies, whose keening lament for her deceased dog is the first sound we hear in the picture – and a suitable prelude to the barking madness that follows.”- SightseersIndependent

“…an especially underused Eileen Davies…”- Norfolk, Variety

Eileen Davies