Fiona Skinner


Fiona recently finished playing the leading role of Polly Stokes, to great acclaim, in the world-premiere of The Sweet Science of Bruising.

She has recently finished filming a recur on the 2nd Series of Hold The Sunset, episodes of Endeavour The Rook, and will shortly be seen in Official Secrets alongside Keira Knightley.

She appeared in the UK Premiere of The Dark Room and got terrific reviews for her performance as Jean in the No.1 UK Tour of The Full Monty 

She played Brighton in 4 Episodes of Tom Hardy’s Taboo.



The case itself is satisfyingly complicated…that compounds an already devastating loss, the depth of which is conveyed skilfully by Fiona Skinner as the dead child’s mother, in a scene of excruciating grief.
– Endeavour 

“From a lineup of strong performances, Fiona Skinner’s brittle, defiant Polly Stokes stands out.”
– The Sweet Science of Bruising

“Skinner, as the proud, street-hardened Polly, [is] particularly complex and interesting…”
– The Sweet Science of Bruising

“Fiona Skinner is a ball of fire and energy and is totally engaging as Polly Stokes…”
– The Sweet Science of Bruising

“…Skinner’s Polly is explosively bolshie yet loveable…”
– The Sweet Science of Bruising

“Fiona Skinner acts up a storm…”
– The Full Monty 

“…Fiona Skinner is outstanding…”
– The Full Monty

“…Fiona Skinner impresses as Dave’s wife Jean…”
– The Full Monty

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